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Paper 1
Jack Cuzick.
Early Detection and Diagnosis Overview of the European and North American studies on HPV testing in primary cervical cancer screening.
International Journal of Cancer.
Apr 3, 2006.
Paper 2
J Cuzick, A Szarewski, H Cubie, G Hulman, H Kitchener, D Luesley, E McGoogan, U Menon, G Terry, R Edwards, C Brooks, M Desai, C Gie, L Ho, I Jacobs, C Pickles, P Sasieni.
Management of women who test positive for high-risk types of human papillomavirus: the HART study.
December 6, 2003.
Paper 3
Susanne Kjaer, Estrid Høgdall, Kirsten Frederiksen, Christian Munk, Adriaan van den Brule, Edith Svare, Chris Meijer, Attilla Lorincz, and Thomas Iftner.
The Absolute Risk of Cervical Abnormalities in High-risk Human Papillomavirus–Positive, Cytologically Normal
Women Over a 10-Year Period.
Cancer Res 2006.
November 1, 2006
Paper 4
Guglielmo Ronco , Nereo Segnan , Paolo Giorgi-Rossi , Marco Zappa , Gian Piero Casadei , Francesca Carozzi , Paolo Dalla Palma , Annarosa Del Mistro , Stefania Folicaldi , Anna Gillio-Tos , Gaetano Nardo , Carlo Naldoni , Patricia Schincaglia , Manuel Zorzi , Massimo Confortini , Jack Cuzick.
Human Papillomavirus Testing and Liquid-Based Cytology:Results at Recruitment From the New Technologies for
Cervical Cancer Randomized Controlled Trial
Journal of the National Cancer Institute
June 7, 2006.
Paper 5
Mark Schiffman, Michelle J. Khan, Diane Solomon, Rolando Herrero, Sholom Wacholder, Allan
Hildesheim, Ana Cecilia Rodriguez,Maria C. Bratti, Cosette M. Wheeler, Robert D. Buró
A Study of the Impact of Adding HPV Types to Cervical Cancer Screening
and Triage Tests.
Journal of the National Cancer Institute,
January 19, 2005
Paper 6
Thomas C. Wright Jr, MD, Mark Schiffman, MD, MPH, Diane Solomon, MD, J. Thomas Cox, MD, Francisco Garcia, MD, MPH, Sue Goldie, MD, MPH, Kenneth Hatch, MD, Kenneth L. Noller, MD, Nancy Roach, Carolyn Runowicz, MD, and Debbie Saslow, PhD
Interim Guidance for the Use of Human Papillomavirus DNA Testing as an Adjunct to Cervical Cytology for Screening.
The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Published by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.
February 2, 2004.
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